Frequently Asked Questions


How can we save money on our telecom expenses? We already have the lowest rates available.

Rates change every day. We will look to see if you are paying the lowest rate possible and make suggestions to you based on what we fine. We use our software solution to determine what issues/areas you are being charged for in error. We analyze your invoices, including your usage and traffic data, to uncover the mistakes that are costing you money.  


Our bookkeeper checks over our bills every month and our accountant audits our bills quarterly. Wouldn’t they be able to catch any billing errors?

It is rare for a bookkeeper or an accountant to have a telecom background or enough of a knowledge base to find telecom errors. There is a world of difference between analyzing a telecommunications invoice as compared to an invoice for office supplies.


What percentage of telecom bills has your team found to have billing errors?

Generally, about 95% of all telecom bills have errors. Some invoices have had errors up to 35% – others as little as 5% – with the average being around 10-16%.


Part of the reason our telecom bill is so high is due to the multiple taxes. There’s no way to lower the taxes, is there?

If the taxes are being charged correctly, no. Taxes are determined by Federal, State and Local government agencies. However, many times the taxes that appear on the invoices are not correct and other charges listed as taxes may not be a true tax and can be successfully disputed with proper documentation. Many times items listed as taxes or under the heading of taxes are not truly taxes. Taxes change frequently, sometimes as often as monthly, which is one reason customers ask for ongoing monitoring after we’ve completed the initial discovery and recovery process.    

What can Alsatian do for our company that we can’t do for ourselves?

We have an extensive telecom background with a proven track record for saving money -- and it’s our only job. Uncovering errors requires training, extensive knowledge and access to current tariffs, taxes and telecom regulations. Contracts must be reviewed with an understanding of the fine print. This is simply beyond the ability of the vast majority of businesses, because it’s unrelated to the core business conducted by most companies. In addition, knowing how to make successful claims for refunds on overpayments is understood by few, even the majority of those who are in the telecom industry.    

What is the process to find out what may be owed to us?

The initial step is to allow Alsatian to analyze two, preferably three, months of your telecom invoices. This will give us an idea of how much you have been overcharged, the categories for the errors, how far back overcharges can be claimed, and what processes would help you continue to save in the future.  


How much does your service cost?

Generally, we are paid based on the amount of savings for the customer. This is negotiated at the time of the proposal presentation. There are hourly fees associated with Phase 1 and these are explained before any work begins.

Once you determine how much our company has been overcharged, what do we have to do to recover that money?

If the customer wishes for Alsatian to proceed, a contract is signed. We will ask for a contact person in the company to be responsible for gathering information, invoices, and other items from a list we will prepare for you. After we receive the necessary items, generally the customer has to do very little other than answer a few questions during the recovery process.    

We’ve been approached by other firms – including telecom companies – to evaluate our telecom bills. How is Alsatian different?

Our team has years of experience, a proven track record and most importantly; we are not affiliated with any telecommunications company. We are not reviewing your bills in order to show you how to save money with a better plan. The sole focus and purpose is to assist you through our independent and unbiased analysis of your telecom bills. Our service is to discover and recover overpayments that very few know how to find and document. We are also one of the few companies performing similar services that is 100% U.S. based, owned, and operated, and minority controlled.  


If billing errors are common, why aren’t more companies disputing their bills?

Few companies know about these errors. Generally, the invoices come in to one central location (for larger corporations) and one person is responsible for making the payment. This person will rarely take a second look at the invoice – they just pay the bottom line. Even if errors are found, companies rarely know how to get a credit for anything beyond the most obvious ones. Standard customer service is often the first, last, and only contact for customers. We have other options.

What is the source of billing errors? Technology? Human error?

Everything. Merging billing systems, changing taxes and tariffs, rates put in incorrectly, fees that don’t – or should not – exist. There are many sources of mistakes.


How can we be sure that we’ll recover the money owed to us by the  telecom company?

You can’t be sure. Alsatian will be your best bet in documenting and recovering this money. We will go to the local government agencies, taxing authorities, or other sources to provide the documentation needed to secure your refund. Ultimately, the carrier does not want to lose you as a good customer and will do the right thing by refunding the money once presented with the documentation and facts to support the dispute.    

Does the telecom company give us a credit, or write a check to our business?  What about interest on the money they’ve had for months?

Rarely will the telecom company issue a check to cover the errors. The over-charges are generally issued back in the form of a credit on the future invoices. However, you may be eligible to claim interest and penalties in addition to the amount of overcharges.    

Don’t the telecom companies fight back when there are disputes?

Yes, which is why having a company like Alsatian take up that fight is your company’s best bet. We know how to gather evidence and documentation, which is irrefutable, leaving the carrier little choice but to issue the credit.    

How are you able to get results when our own bookkeeper wasn’t able to get more than one or two overcharges credited back to us? It hardly seems worth the effort to sit on the phone waiting for customer service.

We look at up to 30 specific areas – all areas that can be documented, often from a third party such as a taxing authority or government agency – to support the findings. Alsatian works with these authorities, as well as the individuals responsible for billing on the carrier side. Years of experience have given us a large list of contacts in the industry. This helps us to by-pass the normal customer service channels.    

Once you’ve found where we’ve been overcharged, how do we prevent that from happening again?

No one can prevent 100% of errors from occurring. Generally, once Alsatian has found errors for a client and cleaned up those refunds, the next month may produce errors of a different nature. That’s why it is important to have regular monitoring of your telecom invoices.

What kind of companies do you serve?


Small, medium, and large businesses, nonprofits, hotels chains, hospitals, and even telecom carriers can take advantage of our services.

Can you train our staff to monitor our telecom bills?

Alsatian is happy to train your staff. Our training fees are hourly based.    

How successful is Alsatian in getting telecom companies to accept the claims for overcharges?

When Alsatian disputes a charge on behalf of a client, it is presented to the carrier with proof and documentation. These disputes are always accepted by the carrier after they are given time to review the documentation.