Getting Started

Phase 1


  • To project the amount of credits, refunds and savings due to your company.

Items required:  

  • All telecom invoices for two, preferably three, months. We can handle either printed or electronic formats.
  • A contact person for questions, inquiries and to assist in checking lines if necessary.
  • Copies of your telecom contracts.

Time required:  

  • Typically, this process takes 7-60 days, depending on the size of the organization and the availability of information.


Phase 2     

  • Report of credits, refunds, and savings will be presented to you.

  • The Alsatian team will work with you to develop the best solution, taking into consideration the process, pricing and specific changes that will maximize your savings.

  • Contract for proceeding to Phase 3 signed, including limited power of attorney to work with Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) and other carriers to recover funds.

  • Future payment arrangements made – hourly or percentage basis, or a combination of both.


Phase 3

 Items required:  

  • All telecom invoices for the agreed time frame (based on your contracts, location, and number of months available for claims in your specific case).

  • Future invoices to allow the Alsatian team to make sure you’re getting the credits issued that are due.

  • A contact person as liaison with the Alsatian team.

Time required:  

  • The time is variable, based on the underlying carriers that provide your services.